Starting your own business takes a lot of dedication and self-motivation. It's wise to start a business involving something that you are passionate about because if you enjoy what you are doing you are likely to put more of your effort and energy into it. You also must consider the market because if it is over saturated with a certain type of business, you will need to stand out. Becoming an entrepreneur takes a lot of work, but if you are focused on your goal there is a good chance that your business will become a success.

When it comes to starting your own business, it's important to be practical. Before you start to invest your time and money into your venture it is important for you to do your research. Read information about people who have started similar businesses. Learn about the pitfalls and mistakes that have been made to ensure that you avoid making similar ones.

Effective planning is essential. Examine who your likely competitors will be. Investigate whether there is something that your competitors are not offering. If there is a gap in the market then it would be a good opportunity for you to develop your business in that area. Whilst it is important to dream big it is also necessary to be realistic. Do not jump into anything before you are thoroughly prepared. Ensure that you take the state of the economy into consideration. If you are planning to start your business in the middle of a recession, analyse the industries that are being adversely affected and be extremely cautious before proceeding. If you lack the finance to get your business off the ground, it's a good idea to try to secure some type of employment so you can obtain some start up cash. In the early stages of developing your business a regular salary will help to ease your financial worries. If you have difficulty getting finance from a bank it may be a good idea to find a partner who is willing to invest in your business. 

When working on a product or service it's likely that you're going to have some competition. If there isn't already somebody doing what you're doing, there's a good chance that someone will start doing something similar once you've established your business. Some businesses deal with their competition by belittling them and making them look bad. Personally, I think this shows a sign of weakness because it makes the business doing the belittling look insecure. In my opinion, the best way to handle the competition is to highlight what sets you apart by emphasising the things that are unique to your business. If you are unable to meet a need that a potential customer has, there's nothing wrong with referring them to a competitor. It might not make you any money but it will help to keep your potential customer happy and hopefully they will remember your great customer service if they are ever in need of your product or service in the future.