Monday 27 August 2018


According to the NHS website, 'Anger is a normal, healthy emotion'. It's normal to get angry if someone treats you or someone that you love badly. Problems arise when we don't have the ability to control our anger and when we get angry over trivial things. People have anger issues for a variety of reasons. A lot of times it stems from things that happened in their childhood such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, abandonment and neglect. Many parents beat their children as a form of discipline not realising that the beatings may cause long term emotional issues for their child. Pit bull terrier dogs have been banned in the United Kingdom under the Dangerous Dogs Act after a number of violent incidents involving these dogs. Pit bulls are not inherently violent, most of the dogs involved in violent incidents were trained to be aggressive through beatings and abuse. Likewise, if a child is constantly beaten, there is a strong chance that the child will resort to violence when he or she is older. 

People who experience abuse as children won't all necessarily grow up to be violent adults, but there is a good possibility that they will have emotional issues if they do not deal with the trauma that they experienced as children. If a person is struggling with any anger issues they can refer themselves to a therapist through the NHS website. Alternatively, they can speak to their GP who can make the referral on their behalf. It's important for them to get help because if their condition goes untreated they may find themselves doing something that they later regret.