Sunday 26 August 2018

Positive Thinking

We need to control our thoughts because negative thoughts have the power to make us feel depressed and miserable. Once we realise that there isn't anything that we can do to change a situation we should actively try to stop thinking about the issue by filling our minds with thoughts of other things. In an interview that he did whilst in prison Tupac said that he listened to different types of music to calm his soul and that music helped him to get through his time in prison. I agree that music is a great way to clear the mind of negative thoughts because when we recite the words to an uplifting song we are pushing negative words out of ours minds and replacing them with positive words. Any time the negative thoughts try to creep back in we need to push them out by saying something positive. 

Our thoughts control our emotions so in order to keep our emotions in check we need to think about positive things. If you are feeling negative I encourage you to think about the great plans that you have for their life and how you are going to implement them. Think about your talents and abilities and how they can use them to help other people. If possible, I suggest that you surround yourself with positive people who encourage and motivate you. I recommend that you spend time reading and learning new things. All of these things help you to feel more optimistic and instead of looking at the glass as half empty you will see it as half full.